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Re: Acceptable Aikido Vices?

Vices I think effect the personally of a person, and that personally is reflected on the mat. being on the mat is a interpersonal and intimate exchange between two people. Funny thing about practice is you can really get to know someone with out ever taking to them just through the exchange of practice.

Vices affect that mat relationship, i.e. respect, attitude, harmony, etc. Vices can interfere with the dynamics of O'Sensei's philosophy he had for Aikido. You can dislike a person based on the result of a vice and never blend with them, find harmony, etc. It can adversely effect what happen's on the mat.

Some vices are stronger than others. Some not so seemly bad vices if intense enough are like a super typhoon. It permeates so deeply the personality that the vice radiates through the personality of that person. A habitual vice is deeply ingrained into the personality where there is almost no distinguishing separation.

I don' t think there are many acceptable vices in Aikido, because the vice become the down fall of the Aikidoka. The Aikidoka's behavior dictated by the vice will ultimate ruin the Aikido relationship. There are many cases in Aikido of this.

I think there are no acceptable vices, a person should work-out those personality issues that are a result of a vice either before or early on in the practice of Aikido. You might say I am advocating making saints out of Aikidoka. That wouldn't be a bad thing if it wasn't impossible. But, understanding that being intolerant of vices will help the Aikidoka experience a clear Aikido, and more of Aikido's dynamic.
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