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Sam Turnage wrote: View Post
How did his system and or your Aikido training benefit you as a LEO? Do you have any stories that you would be willing to share
I don't have any stories that anyone would find interesting.

As for techniques, sankyo is a favorite "control hold" of police officers, because it's easy to learn and can be used in a variety of situations. Many of Koga's techniques include the sankyo hold.

What benefited me the most from Koga's training were his principles. They go far beyond technique, dealing more with the psychology of controlling and arresting people, starting with how to control yourself.

Comparisons can be made to aikido principles and techniques, but Koga's are really directed to police work, which is why he is not better known outside of law enforcement. Most of them are not applicable to his "Practical Aikido" classes. For example, in his police classes he spends a great deal of time on how to safely search a suspect for weapons. In addition, almost all of his takedowns end with the officer handcuffing the suspect, which requires all of his students to come to class with handcuffs, and which makes these takedowns of limited use to someone who is not carrying handcuffs.
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