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Re: Spirit and loyalty

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Fair point. Looks like we'll have to lump it! ^_^ It's a shame, aikido is so much better when everyone is working as a club, I love the social aspect of aikido too.
I will add, Aikido is a bit different in that you do depend on a partner.
Naturally I navigate toward kicking and hitting type sports...dont like prolonged contact with people. - so Aikido was a bit interesting for me in the beginning to say the least.

But now I have gotten past some of my qualms with it and think it adapts well with elbows, knees and whatever else you want to throw in...or it blends well if you just want to use it as the 'path to peace'.

Again, the sensei sets the tone for the particular he wants to take it will dictate who will and will not come. And how he drives it will dictate if they keep coming, to some extent anyway.



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