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Hi Matt,

The reason why I asked is because I have seen too many instances wherein copyrights have been violated in the "spirit" of spreading information about aikido (eg Oscar Ratti's images on every other aikido website). I don't see why it's surprising to you that I wonder about copyrights; it's something that applies to everyone.

I first read Mr. Pittman's work at least a few years ago on his site. It surprised me that someone would reproduce it in a different form and placed onto it a copyright which, in and of itself, seemed to take away all rights ("All rights reserved. Copyright Wudang Martial Arts Center. Matt Cheung") from the author himself. Just because something is in the public domain does not mean the author does not retain its copyright. A proper copyright would have indicated that the copyright still belongs to Mr. Pittman; the wording that you placed onto the document was, to use your word, surprising.

-- Jun

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