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don't know about you folks, but i loved them spinning kicks. like this dude,, especially the head whipping looks at around 0:35 or so

i remembered a number of time i felt like my arms were being rip out of the sockets. didn't remember feeling any ki, if there was, then it must have been the result of beans.
The guy who was tied to the cart is Master Hwang In Shik, who teaches in Toronto.

Here he is in another clip with Jackie Chan:

As with all Jackie Chan movies, this one has a lot of really funny moments. It also shows some of Master Hwang's intricate chin na style joint locks and holds. It does not reflect hapkido per se, but just shows some of what Master Hwang is capable of.

One of his students, Matthew Rogers, came to Japan in the early 90s looking for some proof of Hapkido's roots in Daito Ryu. He visited several major schools of aikido and daito ryu, interviewing the earliest masters he could find concerning Yong Sul Choi and Sokaku Takeda. I'm not sure what he ever determined. I met him when he came to the yoseikan and I helped him query Mochizuki Sensei.

Matthew had been training with Master Hwang for five years at the time and was ranked green belt but he felt thoroughly comfortable visiting Japanese dojos and training with the black belts. He already displayed what I consider "internal" power. He demonstrated a light back-hand tap to my midsection and I felt as if I'd been hit by a cannonball. He said that Master Hwang definitely had that kind of power in spades, and looking at the clips of him, you can easily believe it. Matthew said he took his brother to meet Hwang once and his brother was not terribly impressed. He treated Master Hwang a bit lightly and Master Hwang made a gesture, opening both palms up and out as if to say "What?" His thumb hit Matthew's brother in the stomach and knocked the breath out of him. The next day, he had a big black spot on his stomach where Hwang had "hit" him.

Matthew also showed me a variant wrist lock I'd never seen that almost dislocated my back when my body involuntarily snapped backward. It was much more powerful and shocking than any aikido I'd ever felt, but I really felt it must have a close relation to daito ryu.

After I knew him in Shizuoka, Matthew went on to train rather widely in daito ryu in Japan.

If you want more details about hapkido and daito ryu, I'd suggest you contact Matthew Rogers at

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