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Re: Monthly Dues

This has been an interesting thread to read and I can understand, to some extent, both sides of the issue.

In my experience, starting in Tae Kwon Do, my dojo and my instructors dojo were pay as you go. If you didn't attend the month of August you didn't pay for the month of August. When I started teaching I ran my dojo in the same manner.

This is also the way our Aikido dojo runs and I am thankful for it as there have been circumstances in the past that have pulled me away from training for several months at a time.

Also, many health clubs run month to month. Urban Active fitness (a national chain like Gold's Gym) has a gym near my office. $40/month, no contracts, no obligations. I can pay $40 and work out in December, skip Jan-Feb and pay nothing, pay $40 and work out in March, etc.


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