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Dan Rubin
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Mickey: Thanks for the YouTube link. It brings back great memories of Bob Koga and his classes, including the laughter.

Sam: Thanks for your original post. Koga has a big law enforcement following in Colorado, too. When I was a police officer I studied with him for about 12 years. Even though at that time he claimed not to teach aikido, I learned as much about aikido from him as I have from all of my other teachers. What distinguishes him from other teachers is his emphasis on principles over techniques. He once told me that I probably know more aikido techniques than he does, but because he understands the principles of aikido, he can make techniques up as he goes along. That's takemusu aiki.

A couple of minor corrections to your first post: Koga was in the Air Force, not the Marines. His entire police career was spent in the Los Angeles Police Department. He was assigned to the LAPD Academy when a nurse at a local hospital, who was from Hawaii, told him about Tohei Sensei. Eventually, Tohei awarded Koga yudansha rank, although I don't know what rank it was, or if he was ever promoted subsequently.

Bob Koga has been a great influence on my life. I will always consider myself to be his student and friend. I'm glad you enjoyed his seminar.
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