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Re: "Practical Aikido" seminar

The waza’s are not really why I liked it, just part of it. Sure I had fun with some and learned a few things but it is Bob Koga, what he says and teaches, and his system that I like.

Like I said I have been looking for a system like this sense the early 90s after learning bits and pieces of systems from friends and family in law enforcement and ex special ops people. The concept of a simple yet effective system with a few moves or waza’s that can be learned easily so that one can “respond not react”. As Koga sensei says just made sense to me. Also I think Bruce Lee talked about these things.

The fact that fighting in real life is not a game, or competition. There are no rules at all, and you need to neutralize the threat as soon as possible. And that the human body has several weak points and you should about them and strike them. The eyes, the throat, the neck, pressure points, the knees, the family Jewels etc. Perry, block, cutoff, or redirect force but at the same time strike, not 1,2 but at the same time. Bruce Lee also talked about this. And another thing that I remember reading in a Bruce Lee book, to not risk boxing him. Your hands and wrist are not taped and you have no gloves to cushion the blows. So you are likely to sprain your wrist or break your hand. Now he has a black eye and some busted out teeth and he’s really pissed and you’re down a hand. Instead strike with lose fingers trying to jab or flick the eye.

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