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Jerome Cervantes wrote: View Post
hey sam thanx for the review. i've always wanted to meet koga sensei.

to say he doesn't have a black belt in anything... i think is wrong. from articles i've read about him, he studied a long time under koichi tohei, and tohei sensei is the one who gave him the blessing to go out and adapt aikido to more tactical/practical aspects.

glad you enjoyed the seminar.
Tohei sensei ….thats it!

Thanks, you're probably right about the black belt thing. Now that I am searching for Koga and not kota….LOL….(details) I am getting a lot more info. I wish I could edit my post I was only trying to explain to people who Koga sensei is and why and how his system came about, and why what he says works and doesn't work is important or why you should at least listen to the man. I didn't intend to write a biography on the man; I am clearly not qualified. I guess I assumed, and you no what assumption is. When he told the story to us he said that it was" a short amount of time" and for some reason I thought it was a year or two but he said he had a lot of quality time or one on one time with Tohei Sensei so he felt that he learn, (at least on the mental side of it), "more in that short amount of time then his other students did in decades."

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