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Re: Advice for shodan test

Jacob Clapsadle wrote: View Post
I have always wanted to visit Japan and train at some specific dojos there. If I go as a shodan, will I have to "prove myself" on the mat more than I would as a whitebelt?
It all depends on where you train and who you train with. Some dojo/individuals still hold onto the idea that a shodan is a beginner. Others will be of the belief that "if you can't do this, you don't deserve to wear that hakama". It often comes down to "luck of the draw".

Jacob Clapsadle wrote: View Post
Once I have a blackbelt, is it too late to become an uchi-deshi?
I know several people who became actual uchideshi after achieving shodan. Some dojo also offer a kenshusei course, which is like being a temporary (a couple of months or so) uchideshi. Kobayashi Sensei and Hatayama Sensei sometimes have kenshusei from overseas. You need a fair amount of money to do something like that, though.

Good luck with your test. My tip - find a helpful nidan or sandan and have them run through your grading syllabus with you until they are satisfied.

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