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Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
No, haven't been to any of his seminars, but I have heard good things. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for posting your review.

Say, do you think you could pick one waza that was a favorite for you and describe it?

Cool….that’s a clip from the seminar last weekend. I was wondering who was taping that. I would be interested in buy a copy if I could.

As for Ron, ….me explain in a waza in writing? …. LOL, Well as you can tell that is not my ,”forte” but for you Sir, I will try.

The ones I liked the most? Probably his techniques for straight left or a right hook. But the one I had the most fun with was against a two handed front choke.

Relax, make hammi or triangulate yourself slightly to protect the family jewels, at the same time bring your left hand up and over his right in preparation for kotagoishi (thumb should be on the smaller outside bones of the hand. Then bring your right hand up between his arms to his throat. Push into this throat with your middle finger just above the sternum. When he lets go, pull him into a brutal forward Kotagoishi.
Then don’t do any fancy or formal Aikido crossover steeps or pens. As soon as you throw him “stir the pot, with you arms before he hits the ground. This bring him to you to pin, quickly and in a small space. This was a lot of fun!

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