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Thumbs up "Practical Aikido" seminar

Hi friends,

I just wanted to try too share my experience with you. I had the pleasure of attending a "practical aikido" seminar with Robert Kota Sensei.

It was the coolest seminar I have ever been to and I found it to be everything I had hoped it would be and then some. And yet the funny thing is I already either knew or had a strong opinion about the content in there, but it was the validation or parroting, of what I have always felt or said, gave me maybe more satisfaction because it was coming from someone like Robert Kota who spent more than twenty years implementing and adapting it to the rigors and demands of law enforcement. I also discovered that he does not have a back belt in anything yet he has the feel and presents of a 5 or 6th degree black belt in Aikido. Not only did I like the seminar I'd pay just to set and listen to the old mans stories, he is an aging, highly skilled, warrior, and teacher that has experienced a lot more than the "average bear".

Kota sensei was in an internment camp during WW2 and it was there that he learned Judo. "There was someone teaching it, and there was nothing else to do", as Sensei put it. He then joined the USMC and later found himself in Hawaii as a police officer where his Judo and Marine Core hand to hand combat training naturally landed him a role in arrest and control training. A nurse friend of his asked him if he had ever heard of Aikido and insisted on him meeting the Sensei, (I am sorry, I can't remember his name). Although he was not initially impressed he was after the Sensei was able to throw Robert and his buddies around like rag- dolls; or at least he wanted to know how he did it. So he started studying under him and spending a great deal of time together traveling working as his interrupter, a lot of "one on one" time. During this time Kota sensei says that he learn the mental side of Aikido, he began to understand the overall concept and mindset better then most and so found that he could do things that the 4th and 5th degree black belts could not. This completely change his life in everyway, and from this he got permeation to start his own fighting "system" not art, that he could teach quickly to people that was based and deeply rooted in the Aiki way.

He tested these things against the strongest men he could find and then he tested them on the street and they have been more then proven to work all over the world from beat officers to special ops units.

Anyone in the Aiki arts (Aikido, Hapkido, Aiki-Jujitsu) whatever, that is also interested in self-defense the military or law enforcement of any kind so spend some time with Kota Sensei.

"If we are wise, let us perpare for the worst."

George Washington
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