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I am in the children/ teens class 2 days a week then on saturdays i am with the grown ups. to explain my name Chocolateuke is because out teacher motto is conserve energy for eating chocolate. so... he is a big joker but when must be sourous he is. childrens class if some times more together than adults. adult compete a lot they try to revers and wrestle while fun it is not aikido. my teacher sometimes lets it not go by but he also lets them do it once in awile. children are more cooperative in uke that adults also children and teens have to cleeen the dojo and adults they dont ( partly due to the fact that teens childrens class is first.) and did not O_sensi say Aikido should be trainded in a joyous manner.

I think this is why jesus said Suffer teh little children unto me. becaues they are wise and accept teh world as it is and teens and grownups fight and try to understand while children accept then they understand.

I may be wrong but....
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