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raul rodrigo
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Re: Koshi Nage - Distance Between Nage's Feet

Alejandro, you were the one who was positing Saito's waza was a more faithful reproduction of his master's koshinage. And also hypothesizing that a different stance, feet together, that Tada, Yamaguchi, etc preferred, was a result of postwar cross-pollination with judo and is not a faithful reflection of how O sensei did it. Perhaps the question is not whether a waza is more or less an accurate reproduction of how Morihei did his waza. Feet together, feet apart—what matters is how you manage to make the waza work for you. If you can reproduce six different flavors of koshi nage, as Prof. Goldsbury can, then so much the better for your students. In the end, an aikidoka will make waza that is his own.
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