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Re: Acceptable Aikido Vices?

...maybe it is people with vices that are particularly the kinds of people who stick with Aikido? Weakness, cowardice, general unfitness, etc.

Maybe they think, "Wow, I am really mixed up in some negative things. I really can't seem to change them. Maybe this spiritual art called Aikido will give me tools to change myself. Maybe someday what I get from that dojo I'll be able to bring into my life, and if not get rid of these pesky life-habits, at least find a better way to deal with them."

Like churches, or gyms. People want to get better, that's why they're doing this. This does not mean they will ever be perfect.

I started all my bad habits before Aikido, I hope not to form any more, and if I'm able to cut out this or reduce that, I consider the monthly dues worthwhile.

Aikido is not an immunization shot against anything.

I think. But I've just been doing this for a month, so, handful of salt if you like.

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