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Re: What do you REALLY want to teach?

Ricky, what I'd love to hear are the times you had plans to teach something deeper but realized your words would be lost.

Take Ikkyo as an example. You could easily teach an entire class on why the Ikkyo blending concept is so much more powerful than a block. But if the ukes are giving such a weak attack that nage could stand there and not even get hit. Well... you have to take a step back and say. "Let's work on your shomunchi first".

So if you can think of one, I want to hear a story about a class you meant to teach, but never did.

btw, I fell off a 6 foot ladder last summer. It was the most spectacular SPLAT ever. Talk about a perfect way to teach how not to do something! No roll. No slap. No Kiai. Just a flail, a yelp and a splat. Granted I didn't get hurt. I guess that's something. ;-)
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