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Re: Acceptable Aikido Vices?

Gregg Block wrote: View Post
Do you think if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to here it the sound would still be more interesting than this topic?
The tree didn't fall; I hear Greg holding it up

I find it interesting that people attach morality (and whatever else) to Aikido.

It comes up in different threads. For instance, in one extreme, there's the thread discussing the fall of an aikido icon involved with a minor, which went on for 15 or so pages. Efforts to quash that thread were met with a storm of resistance. Then there is this thread. What if the aikido student or teacher is a drinker, smoker, womanizer, ...? No traction---except for the occasional (and possibly insightful) "What does this have to do with aikido?"

I find this irony interesting too.

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