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What do you REALLY want to teach?

I've been training for maybe 15 years now, but I'm relatively new to teaching Aikido classes. I find myself thinking through what I want to teach on my drive to the dojo. Often times I have these grand ideas tying techniques together or every once in a while I'll have some philosophical idea that can be explained through Aikido movement etc.

Then I get into class and realize that half of the students are just learning how to fall. More often than not my wonderful ideas get thrown out the window and I change my class to adapt to the students.

I'm curious... those of you that have been teaching for a long time, if you had the students ready to learn what you had to offer...what is it that you really want to teach?

Obviously describing it in words won't do it justice, even so, it'd be fun to hear what's going on in your head.
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