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Keith Larman
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Re: Smoking

The extent to which I care if someone else smokes in an aikido setting is directly proprotional to how much they are offensive to be around and whether they have the poor manners to cough or blow smoke in my face. Or with an experience I had with a close friend, how much pain and suffering they caused their family and friends through their premature painful death. A waste to be sure, but it was her call. She was a grownup.

Of course another good friend of mine was killed by riding his motorcycle too fast. Passed a vehicle on the right and slammed into the disabled garbage truck. Stupid. And incredibly painful for his family and friends to deal with the death of a 20-year-old. Another waste of life.

And on a third, well, her suicide was devasting to everyone around her. It was incredible in retrospect how far and wide the ripples of that extended.

But we all make decisions in our lives. I wish more people would consider their responsibility for their own actions in terms of the effects on friends and family.

But... in the end it is up to you. Whatever floats your boat. That's your monkey, not mine... As a point of human decency and having lived through losing people to cancer, well, I'd encourage you not to smoke. But... I enjoy a nice martini now and then. I eat too much junk. I'm a bit overweight (working on it). I don't get enough sleep. So glass house and stones and all that...

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