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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
I dunno, David. I tried to briefly describe something to an old friend of mine yesterday (he's a longterm student of Ikeda Sensei) and then I went to describe the same thing in person to a couple of other people this afternoon and I had this realization again that it's almost impossible to describe these things in writing.
My favorite illustration is showing how to lift the end of a rope off the ground that is longer than my height plus my reach. My considered opinion on what is happening, mechanically speaking, I will not indulge, but it is not hard to find here. The only difference between the rope and the limbs is that in the body there are means to hold any position thus obtained.

I illustrate the holding process as "tree limb" behavior ("unbendable" arm being an isolated and much misunderstood example of that)

But those means are not used to obtain the motion to change position and shift energy to begin with. I have suggested in the past that such motion is somewhat "tentacular," something perhaps held over from before our pre-vertebtrate ancestors had bones.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
One you understand up-jin and down-jin (the ki of earth and the ki of heaven), everything else is a logical progression.
We... agree ... Hmm.

[quote=Mike Sigman;218065]When you raise your hands, the hands ARE the dantien; when you lower your hands, the hands ARE the crotch-weight/hara. /QUOTE]I like to illustrate the consequence of connected body and the sense of it with the sword, held in chudan extension and then shifting from chudan to seigan and back again using the center alone -- never using the arms for anything but holding the sword.


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