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Re: Shouts for Sub-Teens

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I re-gathered my footing and felt myself grow, in energy, to the size of a large alligator. They felt it, and thy fled.
As in 'Hey [ ] you pushed me." And I didn't back down.

Not at all that your suggestions aren't correct, they are very good. There are also many others that come up that work. Each sitiuation requires our attention. That, to me, is Takemusu Aiki in a physical form.

So, some kids might get suspended for fighting if they stand up for themselves because of school policy. But that is a short and small punishment compared to the respect that they will gain from those who know better,likely including the bully themselves.

It is, in the end, a matter of discernment.
There is a time to back down, but there is little practice needed for backing down. Practice on Aikdo techniqes may be helpful for a youngster to stand ground.

Shouts, or words for Dialoge can also be practiced, for self convidence, catharsis for an abuser or attacker, and management of wintesses. If you call attantion to the attacker or abuser's offensive behavior, then witnesses may better remember that the victim's actions were purely defensive.

The 8 steps for Suzette Elgin, "You Can't Say that to Me" book involes dealing with ending the habit and rewards that bullies and abusers receive. The rewards may be a combination of angry attention, argument, constrnation of the victim, even if silence is maintianed, agitation can be detected by the bully. a measured response avoid rewarding with emotial turmoil for the victim.

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