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Re: Mis-spelling on hakama

Personally, if I have something hanging out of my nose I'd rather someone let me know rather then walk around all day with a cliff hanger.

Before putting yourself out there though I'd make sure you know what you're talking about. Western names can be difficult to translate into kana. Most people spell my name "ko-bi-n-gu-to-n." On my menjo and belt for Daito-ryu it is spelled "ka-vi-n-gu-to-n." Kondo sensei uses those fancy "v" kana. It is pronounced more closely to the way Kondo sensei spells it, but he is the only one I've ever met who spells it that way. Which way is more correct? Which ever way sensei writes it on my menjo.

Your teacher might be in a situation like mine. His name may have sounded a certain way to his teacher and that's why it's that way on his belt. Just a thought.

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