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Re: Who to call "Sensei"?


So that is how it works , and here I thought it was just Chef , I really have to get out more.

I am sure the flattery and favors, which where I work is called..brownnosing and buttkissing to put it politely. Does apply to the Aikido world with addressing someone by sensei am sure.

Ellis also mentioned ego and sensei, I thought about it you also have to add students for reason of their own-which aren't important- who are heroworshiping or role-playing the Japanese culture who call any one sensei because it fits into that role playing or heroworship/Japaneseworship experience. I know this because I was at one time one such student. And being one such student, I knew all those who where just like me at the time, I could spot them a mile away. Birds of a feather flock together.

I am sure it can really be a huge ego booster to anyone to have several or more students running up to you calling you sensei like in that Tampopo movie that parodies the samurai/martial arts culture. Especially, when your not use to it and its not a big deal back at your home dojo, etc.

I guess maybe titles like sensei are over-rated as a result lose the core effect and purpose of denoting respect, i.e. you empty your cup, you just don't verbally diss the guy who is trying to teach you so you get dojo cred. and all the students look to you as the big shot on campus, etc.

A friend who is a school teacher said is was critical to control the classroom and have that presence. Otherwise all the students walk all over you. Yet I think anything or position can be abused by the right people.

I don't know. That is my view.

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