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Nick wrote:
2. Train more diligently than before, with a new, 'better' reason to enter the dojo.

Hopefully more people will start choosing the latter.
We can all hope for such transformations, but I don't know how often we might see it. I find that Empty Shells tend to be the way they are for one of two reasons: either the prestige that comes with the rank, as has been mentioned, or simply the responibility that comes with the rank. It's easy to recognize and dismiss those that follow into the former category, but those that fall into the latter, who are in it only for the power and the spotlight they get by being in charge of a class or even one or two students, are harder to deal with - if solely because they are in charge.

Don't know if there's even a point there, because I agree with what has been said here, but there it is...
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