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Re: Dojo Costs

What kind of Dojo are you planning on running there?

Most of those things would be pretty low on my list of important costs. If you're starting your first dojo, why not have it at your house, or at a park? This would eliminate almost every cost on your list, and provide some valuable "learning how to be a teacher" time.

Even if you have spent lots of time teaching for other people, it's very different teaching on your own. In some ways you have to learn all over again.

Before getting a physical dojo, you need to make your own abstract dojo. You need to figure out who you are, what you're about, how that relates to other people. What it is you are offering them?

Money should be your last concern at first. Teach because you love it, find others who learn because they love that. Everything will start coming together like magic; when it's suppose too.

Not the answer you're looking for I'm sure. But that's the truth as I understand it right now.

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