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Re: Shouts for Sub-Teens

Thomas Donelson wrote: View Post
Certainly imaginary distractions and misdirections can be useful in the practice of Aikido. Getting the flow going on one direction, to build resistance that can be used in the planning of the next direction to move the opponent.

Any implications you would care to share?

In ideal, we use the way of no harm. But in certain instances the way of less harm is sufficient, and the way of harm reduction is primary.
We can respond with our physicality, with our current physical and creative skills, to deal with those who are obstructing our harmony; Our wellness.

So, sometimes the distraction, the lead of the mind, with a diversion, like 'you're shoe's untied', gives us the moment to get out of dodge (RunFu) or to take 'Ol Hoss' to the floor as in a quick shove or strike or whatever the body does to save itself.
I once saved my personal ass from 4 guys by leading their eyes upward to the sky while I swept out the feet of 'the leader'. He was shocked, the others recoiled, I re-gathered my footing and felt myself grow, in energy, to the size of a large alligator. They felt it, and thy fled.
Now, I was certain I was gonna get a take-down from my sensei for using my street skills, skills I had sworn to put away for the time being, so I kept the whole thing to myself for awhile before I let the cat out of the bag. But I found that there was a lot of pride and support within the dojo for my choice to use my fighting skills at an appropriate level. I was training for my Nikyu at the time and I wasn't certain I would be allowed to stay if I resorted to my previous violent responses. But the whole thing was tempered with my training.
I stopped 4 guys from kicking my ass and I am positive I stopped them from ever picking on any other girl in a pink shirt getting a newspaper, then and in the future. That was my experience.

Sure, they were bullies who need love, but I was preserving myself and I was assisted in alignment by a very creative energy that I never before felt in a fight. I believe that came from my heartfelt desire to maintain wellness for myself and 'keep the peace', or ' wholeness' if you define peace the way I do.
I also recall distinctly telling them what they were doing, not asking. As in 'Hey a-hole, you pushed me."And I didn't back down.

Not at all that your suggestions aren't correct, they are very good. There are also many others that come up that work. Each sitiuation requires our attention. That, to me, is Takemusu Aiki in a physical form.

So, some kids might get suspended for fighting if they stand up for themselves because of school policy. But that is a short and small punishment compared to the respect that they will gain from those who know better,likely including the bully themselves.

It is, in the end, a matter of discernment.

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