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Re: Shouts for Sub-Teens

Ricky Wood wrote: View Post
Have you found those questions to be effective when dealing with bullies?
I responded to your question and put in references to School Bullying, and when I submitted my response, with Links to references, the Message came back that my response would be reviewed by a moderator.

Basically, there are several objectives to consider when dealing with a Bully.

Self-Confidence of the Target.

Secrecy strategies for the Bully

Display of fear by the Target

Associations with the target's friends.

Adult intervention.

Witness management.

Injury risk to the Target

Excessive Injury to the Bully

Excessive Antagonism of the Bully

Positive Dialogue with the Bully

So these are some criterea by which to judge the effectiveness of shouted questions.

I do not mean to suggest that shouting indicriminantly is always the best option when confronted by a Bully. But having positive phrases in mind, to allow the bully to back off, while still saving face, can be constructive. Discussing and practicing shouting phrases during the practice of sub-teen Aikido training may at least increase self-confidence and reduce fear of bullies.

Search School Bullying


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