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Re: Shouts for Sub-Teens

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Have you found those questions to be effective when dealing with bullies?
Effectiveness can be measured in several perspectives.

There is quite a lot of work and literature available recently on bullying. I will give more reference links on Bullying toward the end of this post.

There are several goals to be strived for in dealing with bullying, from the perspective of a bullying target or victim.

ESCALATION: One goal is to avoid escalating the situation, such that the bully feels overly threatened, and is forced to make further responses than if purely defensive actions are taken. The practice of Aikido can include Stephen Segal, breaking arms, legs and necks.

SELF-ESTEEM: Another goal is for the target to keep his self-esteem. The following is a quote form a Bullying resource, describing feelings that can result from being a target, that are not good for self-esteem.


think it's your fault. Nobody deserves to be bullied!

fight back or bully a person back. This probably won't make things any better and it might get you into big trouble. Besides, you should try to act better than the person who bullies you.
keep it to yourself and just hope the bullying will "go away." It's normal to want to try to ignore bullying and hope that it will stop—or hope that the person will start to pick on someone else. But, often, bullying won't stop until adults and other kids get involved. So, be sure to report the bullying.

skip school or avoid clubs or sports because you're afraid of being bullied. Missing out on school or activities that you enjoy isn't the answer. You have a right to be there!

think that you're a "tattle tale" if you tell an adult that you've been bullied. Telling is NOT tattling! It's the right thing to do.
hurt yourself. Some kids who are bullied get so sad and depressed that they may try to hurt themselves because they think there is nothing else they can do. This definitely isn't the answer. Talk with an adult immediately and tell them how you are feeling. They can help stop the bullying."

SECRECY: Another goal of a victim is to enlist help from others, and not keep excessive secrecy about being bullied. Shouting anything that indicates bullying is occurring is probably a discouragement to a bully. Bullies will often rely on secrecy, or not being seen or not discovered. Shouting about being bullied may be good for self-esteem, to indicate the target is not afraid of being found to be a target of bullying.

INJURY: Avoiding being injured is a goal of the target. However, the application of Aikido, without injuring the Bully, involves a risk of injury to the target. It would be less risky to disable and severely injure the Bully, because then the Bully would not be able to hurt the target, for sure. Injuring the bully, may cause an escalation of the conflict, where the bully feels he needs to further injure the target, to preserve his reputation.

A common practice in Aikido is place the attacker gently on the floor, so that the attacker most usually has to make the effort of standing up again, to resume his attack. In coming to a standing position, a re-thinking of realities and objectives sometimes occurs, so that the attacker is less dedicated to attacking the target.

I am suggesting that wrist locks and swinging the attacker, to change his position may be a sufficient repositioning to gain the benefits of the bully to re-think his dedication to intimidating the target.

I have not yet started a thread on Swing Techniques for dancing with an attacker, to diminish the attackers intent to injure, but I am contmplating startins a Swing thread..

Here are some Links about bullying, in general:

Search: School Bullying

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