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Mis-spelling on hakama

I'm posting anonymously because I don't know if any users from my dojo post/visit here regularly anymore...

A lot of the instructors in our dojo have their names sewn onto their hakama. I'm no Japanese expert, but I do know enough to know when and where ten-ten should be used on kana. What I've noticed is that many of our sensei have jibberish written on their hakama as a result of poor translations.

It hasn't been plaguing me, per se, but I have given a great deal of thought as to whether this is something that one could/should bring to their attention. After all, the top instructors have ridiculously expensive hakama that have probably had this spelling error for countless years, if not decades.

Is ignorance of this oversight better, or would it be a better course of action to have a quiet word to let them know?

Any thoughts welcome, as well as experience of any similar situations.
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