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Thomas Donelson
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Shouts for Sub-Teens

Part of Aikido is the confrontation of Anger or manipulation accompanying an attack.

Bullying is common among , 5 to 12, which I am calling Sub-Teens.

Another purpose of shouting when applying Aikido, is to make it clear to bystanders, that an attack is occurring, and the child applying Aikido, is being kind to an aggressor. If the teacher walks up and the bully is on the ground, with the victim standing, the bully may well say, "That Kid Pushed me down!!!" Then the teacher will likely punish the good' kindly practitioner of Aikido.

That is why I am more focused on the Dance part of Aikido, for deflecting a punch or a shove, with a wrist lock and not putting the attacker on the floor, or ground, but rather simply create space by Swinging the attacker away, by pulling on his wrist..


Why are you trying to hurt me?

Why are you trying to hit me?

What makes you angry?

What are you angry about?

Why are you angry?

Stop trying to hit me.


Why are you trying to push me?

Why are you trying to hit me?

Stop trying to hit me.

Stop pushing me.

The object with a billy is to make his efforts to intimidate ineffective, and to ask the bully to behave.

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