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Re: No Aikido dojo - what now?? :(

Just curious: Is there anyone around today who is considered a "shihan" who came up purely in Aikido, with no other substantial martial arts background?

[Here, "shihan" and "substantial" are undefined, but I hope the reader gets the gist.]

When you come to aikido, you bring all of your baggage with you. That means much more than just any prior martial arts training; it's you as you are in your entirety: physically, mentally, spiritually, and whatever else.

Once you do have the opportunity to bow in, you add a new dimension and maybe a new perspective to who you are. You'll have a chance to re-examine everything---especially any physical martial arts techniques / tactics / strategies you've picked up along the way---and decide what is worth keeping, what is worth changing, what adds depth, and so froth.

Eventually, all of this becomes your aikido

Always beginner's mind. Then how can you go wrong?

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