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Re: Teaching in the times of lawsuit.

Marie Noelle Fequiere wrote: View Post
If we were in another country, how would the other parents react to my telling her that her technique failed because she stepped to far from me?
How does a male student deal with being paired with a woman, for how can one perfect a technique without trying it on someone bigger and stronger? How do you guys deal with that?
Good post. I can see why you would have such a reaction to watching this mans class. It makes me think, boy I'm glad I practice a creative art like aikido.

These bottom questions don't particularly seem like lawsuit questions to me, but they are definitely good questions to consider.

Here are my thoughts in parts:

1) - A suggestion to en-culturate parents to the aikido paradigm would be to have them(require them?) watch an adult aikido class so they could see that the curriculum you are teaching to young people is the curriculum taught to adults. It is simply what you teach. If they are not comfortable with the discipline there are others to choose from.

-A male student, or a female student, needs to learn to blend with whomever is standing in front of them. That is my definition of 'perfect' technique.

2)What if we switched the questions around and became 'uke-centric'?

What if, you as nage, had a child was falling away from you in their ukemi while you were applying nikkyo, kotegaeshi, shihonage. That could cause injury and would be very dangerous to them. Could you tell them to stay closer or perhaps, phrase it, stay connected? That would be a good reasoning for closeness as safety.

What if you are training with some person who only knows how to crank on a technique like you were 280lbs(real big)? How would you blend as uke to stay connected so s/he didn't hurt you and you could continue to practice without gross injury?

I hope these questions may be helpful in some way. They are food for thought anyway .


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