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Re: Who to call "Sensei"?

Inocencio Maramba wrote: View Post
Time to trot this out again:

I'll reproduce it in full, since it's quite short:
Hi Cito

That last bit about presumption fits well with my understanding.

I went to the 50 years of aikido bash and made a point of being friendly with all my partners , exchanging usual pleasantaries such as name, where do you train etc...just being sociable which was nature of the course.

One partner officiously introduced herself as "sensei X" ...I found it ridiculous....I knew she was a Sensei cos her badge told me anyway..In true Royle family tradition 'Sensei my rrrse' sprang to mind.

If I ever start taking myself that seriously please feel free to give me a good kicking.

Sensei D (Doh !!!)

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