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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

I suppose I'm officially an Aikido addict now, the aikido dreams have started! I've had dreams involving the people in aikido before but none about actual aikido practice. I had this pretty stupid dream about us doing some solo exercises in the dojo and then one of the instructors said sth like: "I think I'm overweight so I think my weight is too much underside" and then we all proceeded to talk about what to do if your weight is too much underside weird huh?

I've also had a dream earlier about Ms Trunchbull (from the kids movie Matilda) trying to invade my house with her evil subordinates and all of us from aikido having barricaded ourselves in my living room, waiting for her to break in through the back door... I was clutching my bokken and feeling awesome, I was like "yeah, lets do dome bashing!" Scary...
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