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Re: Did O'Sensei teach any other martial art?

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
I have a bit of trouble believing that Jesus would be all that thrilled with what has become of Christianity. I have pretty much the same trouble believing that O-sensei would be all that thrilled with what has become of aikido.
I don't presume to know any of the masters' minds, but I don't think it would be a big leap to imagine that Shioda, Tohei, Saito, his own son Kisshomaru, or any of the others, might have said the same thing (at least about aikido)---possibly even about each other. Wasn't there at least one occasion where O Sensei suggested that his own students didn't get what he was teaching?

I suspect people may be wondering if we've drifted off topic; I think we're still there for this reason: I'd ask if O Sensei was teaching a martial art at all, or if O Sensei was using martial arts---something in his own experience---to teach, to point to, or to express something else.

If it's true, then suspecting that O Sensei would not be happy with what has become of aikido gives life to the word "aikido" and puts our focus there instead. Perhaps O Sensei would not be happy with that.

Here's a question: If O Sensei found himself in your aikido school (for an arbitrary school, not specifically Rob's), do you think he would eventually rediscover / find his own aikido?

[Of course, as a proficient martial artist, O Sensei might have been irked if you didn't develop some martial technique along the way, just as a chaddo master might be irked if your tea tasted terrible, or just as a kyudo master might be irked if your arrows never found the target ]

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