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Bruce Baker
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Pop! Pop! Pop!

Somewhere in the twilight of my youthful adult life, I do remember there were good days and bad days for snap, crackle and pop of my body's physiology. I had attibuted it to lack of sleep, bad diet, and sometimes the demon Alcohol ... (My reference being the Kinks song not the AA)

It wasn't until I reached my fortys that it became painfull, and almost intolerable. At that time, I modified my diet, started to take vitamins regularly, and stretched all day to work out the stiffness I thought was the cause of this hip, knee, shoulder, ankel .... on and on ... noise.

Never did tame down to more than a crackle.

When I was diagnosed with Meniere's, a balance disease of the ear, at least it mainly thought to be, I was given a water pill to lower the water in my ears, but the pill was made to reduce swelling in joints from arthiritus. After about six months, my knees got better, as they were a cause of twisted pains regularly, my back firmed up, and generally the popping disappeared completely!

Now, I am no doctor, but if you cannot get your main joints to stop popping, or at least quiet down with diet and exercise, maybe you should look into a water pill. I don't reccommend it if you are able to control it with diet and exercise, but if you are a candidate who has arthiritus, or slipping into middle age, I would seriously press your doctor to examine this option.

If you choose the chiropractic option, remember that chiropractic is a series of constant exercises that you not only get from the practitioner, but you have an obligation to follow the diet and exercises that go along with treatment.

The revelation being, exercises you can do without going to see a chiropractor?

Spend some time examining your diet and lifestyle, it will also be a key to finding your answer. The salty foods, and alcohol will also be a determinate to how good or bad your joints pop.

I could go on and on, but at least my joints have stopped popping. Now, if I could stop the room from spinning after three or four rolls ... My cure is eventual deafness, or death. But I can wait for either to come.

Get a hold of your problem, it will be easy.
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