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Re: Counter techniques against Judo: the process of forming Aikido in 1930s

My contention was a) straining hands was not a definition that anyone who can do it would jibe with. Which you then agreed to. So we can agree it was a poor definition then.

The balance of your post is a repeat of my points that these things are in and from Daito ryu,

...Dan wrote
In fact in training to release from a grab it is the weaknesses inherent in both the grip (and in the structural alignment of the bodies frame that supports it) that teaches one to attack and release the grip specifically without strain. It is the furtherance of the sensitivity in meeting the grip and softening the approach that seizes and takes control of the body through the same channels trained and used in the releases.... many things are mistakenly accorded as something unique to Ueshiba’s development, when all too often we go back and find it is just yet another foundational approach in Daito ryu. This time as one of its methods in aiki for the hand, arm, or body to be in motion when meeting a grip. There are specific motions, defined approaches, and a more in depth internal way to be in motion within the body when meeting force.
Would you then agree or disagree with the articles assertions that these were somehow "discoveries of Ueshiba" since they are (and which you just repeated after me) foundational skills in Daito ryu?

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