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Larry Feldman
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Re: No Aikido dojo - what now?? :(

If it is a Japanese Style of Ju Jitsu, it would be a great place to 'start'. Personally I started in Hakko Ryu Ju Jitsu, but when I moved I didn't like what was offerred as 'Ju Jitsu' so I went looking for an Aikido Dojo. Aikido came from Ju Jitsu, the wrist locks are all virtually the same. If the style of Ju Jitsu available has 'softer' elements, or is a softer style you will be doing Aikido.

That said, my instructor now also teaches Tai Chi, so I would look there as well.

As a gross generalization, you could say that Aikido fits in between Ju Jitsu and Tai Chi.

Not to confuse you, but as another consideration - go see the teachers of both. You may have a world class teacher in one, and a 'young' or newer instructor in the other. The teaching style of one may suit you better. The class in one may appeal to you more than the other. This could, and maybe should be as big a consideration.

Good luck with your decision.
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