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Re: Did O'Sensei teach any other martial art?

Rob - everyone of them was a profoundly ungrateful wretch, who, apart from their teacher and in the decades afterwards, never had an original thought, a creative impulse, or did anything different from their teacher whatsoever.They will all go down in history as mere copycats, inferior not only in technique, but also in moral stature. Their moral turpitude is so vast that it should, no it must be discussed ad nauseum, and and evidence to the contrary, must be expunged.
One of more ironic things is Tomiki Kenji. He learned judo, yes, but his Shodokan aikido came from - - - Ueshiba. But he changed it. Did competition. Still looks like Ueshiba's aikido. Kisshomaru was mad - why? Because he DIDN'T't change the name.
Well, he too is a being of vast and unimaginable moral depravity, for the opposite reasons, and we should devote endless hours of preoccupation talking about the same points here too.
Gosh, and let's get outraged about it too. Me, I'm mad on behalf of Lucy, the first human, who who never got full and proper credit - because everything we've done since is all based on her
DNA. Oh, and -
Yang learned Chen t'ai chi. Is Yang t'ai chi Chen t'ai chi?
Hao learned Chen t'ai chi. Is Hao t'ai chi Chen t'ai chi?
Wu learned Yang t'ai chi. Is Wu t'ai chi Yang t'ai chi is Chen t'ai chi?

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