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Re: Did O'Sensei teach any other martial art?

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Before Aikido, O'Sensei did teach Japanese martial arts and also posture training related to sword posture, he taught this to Japanese dance school. Then after he created Aikido he never taught Martial Arts again. Remember Aikido is not Martial Arts. O'Sensei never referred to Martial Arts in relation to Aikido. Up until his death all that he practiced was Aikido. All of us today refer to Aikido as Martial arts,( I did, but not any more) this notion is incorrect and irresponsible.
Responsible teachers of Aikido would do well, out of respect for the UESHIBA legacy to express Aikido as it is, a unique art. O'Sensei Intended Aikido to be outside the box, outside any category. Aikido is Aikido and beyond any restricted action or thought. It cannot be placed in the category of Martial Arts.To do so is not O'Senseis Dream. ( Aikido was derived from Japanese Martial Arts only ) .
In "TakeMusu Aiki" (written well after the war), Ueshiba refers to Aikido as "budo" with great repetition.



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