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Re: Did O'Sensei teach any other martial art?

Hi Dan - I think you need a macro of some kind, or better yet, one of those programs that the National Security Agency has. In their case, a button has already been pushed and when certain code words and phrases appear in an email or website anywhere in the world, the computers kick in and scoop up the email for examination. In your case, it would be simpler. Anytime anyone posts anything that asserts or questions that Ueshiba studed something else, or developed something else or that aikido was better than Daito-ryu, the program would kick in and would write, "No, no, no - crying in the corner - everything from DR - Shioda/Horikawa - real aiki - aikido projecting out." Heck, you could refer them to John Driscoll's essay which does a one-to-one correspondence with the various waza. 73% correlation post-war? Bing -one macro, link to John's essay, and we could go out drinking instead.

It's sort of like the judo forum where every time someone posts anything of BJJ, someone has to post that it came from judo - or more often, "all of it is judo newaza." Which isn't true. You change the rules, you change the sport, so why not change the name?
I'm not defending aikido, by the way. It's just that when I corrected the only factually incorrect thing in your post, you popped the macro at me, as if, in noting a factual mistake, I claimed that this meant that Ueshiba - aw heck - blah, blah, blah.

Oh, I'd talk more but I have to go. Every week I make the rounds of all the local churches to remind them that Christianity is just Judaism lite. They keep forgetting.

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