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Re: Did O'Sensei teach any other martial art?

The Yagyu scroll he possessed was discredited by Yagyu sensei.
When he decided to become a teacher and hung a shingle Ueshiba's first and only art he taught was Daito ryu aikijujutsu. Which he handed out scrolls in until the late 30's he gradually changed the waza as he aged but never stopped doing Daito ryu aiki. Which is the power in aikido.
The name aikido was not invented by him. At a public exhibition of martial arts it was determined politely that Ueshiba;s stuff didn't fit, didn't look like Japanese Koryu jujutsu. So a committee created a category of arts called the way of aiki (aiki-do)
Since Ueshiba had already been hand copying the Daito ryu scrolls and changing the name of the art from Daito ryu Aiki jujutsu, to Aikibudo, to his family art names of Aoi ryu, he opted for this new category title as a name for the art.
1. It is widely recognized that Tohei and Kissomaru are credited for the syllabus now known as Aikido.
2. Ueshiba taught the military and assassins and there is ample evidence that he considered his art-martial. In every way.
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