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Boon: I'm trying to visualize what you said, but I'm confused: Isn't mune tsuki a strike to the chest? How did you manage to hit his hip? No disrespect meant, just want to know the details.

Also (and this is addressed to everyone): any suggestions for someone who can't make a proper fist?

I'm not talking about not knowing how to properly clench a fist but physically unable to fully clench because her tendons (or ligaments, I'm not really sure about the right word) on the back of her hand are too stiff. I keep telling her "no, you can't punch with that; you'll only hurt yourself" - I don't think she's ever hit a heavy bag in her life.
Mune tsuki is forward thrust/punch. Can be jodan, aiming at face, neck; chudan aiming at solar plexus or gedan aiming at gut.

IIRC it was gedan variation I did... and it somehow connected with his hip because me uke sort of lazily half moved away. If he moved completely he would have avoided my incoming, if he had remained stationary, I would have connected with his gut. He, however chose to move half heartily and I connected with his hip instead (the bony part).

Well, punching and making a proper fist in not something instinctive, you have to learn and practice. I can't do a proper fist when I first started martial art training.


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