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Re: A Sense of Priorities

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The smoky bar is crowded and every stool taken and I'm on the last one near the door and have had perhaps one to many while thinking about younger days and dojos and late nights in smooky bars dancing with slightly sleazy women. Through the door a cocky dandy wants a place to park his but and have a cold one. He spots the old man at the end of bar near the door and sees an easy target. Coming up behind me he knocks me off the stool and says Tai Kawn Do spinning back kick and takes my stool. I craw out the door and come back a little later and come up behind him and knock him off the stool and say tire tool 65 Chevy. A little wobbly I climb back on the stool and finish his beer. No one even bothers to look around and see what happened.

The stork kept dancing with the swan
... and the asian bartender looked on while polishing the glasses for the umpteen times, while musing on the folly of men who discussed aikido and budo while there are mussed hair women with running stocking to be had. one should discuss the sweat lips of wine, of honey eyes, of silken hair, of swaying music, of losing steps. but most important of all, one must discuss how one should pay the bar tabs, before one gets knock on the head with the baseball bat behind the bar, where the musing bartender is contemplating. while swan dances on and stork pecks another fish from a distance land.
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