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Re: thoughts while on line at dunkin donuts for coffee

Joe McParland wrote: View Post
My apologies---especially if, at the late hour, I responded too harshly to your note

Through training, you first become very conscious and aware of the aspects of what you're training---there's thought. With more (and more and more) training, the aspects move out thought deeper into mind/body. This goes for sizing up a room too---realizing attack and defense options. Practice it enough and it becomes a subconscious activity---no thought; the options are available to you (realized) without the need to think about them.
Yeah, me too, it's ok. An angry monkey signed into my account last night and posted under my name. Damn Monkeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

Now that it's really me: With more and more training it moves into independent experience, connected, magnetic, and creative. The future is unwritten until we write it in our hearts. No action/reaction. Simply kokyu/rokyu, shobu-aiki.

Having had occasion to experience this.

Now where's that donut y'all promised me .

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