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Re: A Sense of Priorities

What? Yeah, buddy, we were talking about you. And you are offended? You gave offense when you opened your mouth. Wait a second here. What? No, no, no. Don't talk to my wife. DON'T TALK ABOUT ME TO MY WIFE! You talk to me.

Don't give me any of that aikido is reconciliation of conflict stuff You want some reconciliation of conflict. Shut up will do, just fine.

Whoa, don't get your hakama in a twist, man. This is the wrong kind of bar for that, man, we don't go for that kind of talk, "sway of two souls, hand in hand." OK, have it your way. "Embrace" this dance. <THUD >

<Sigh> I know, honey. I'm sorry. But I mean, we picked this place out specially because we heard that aikido people were barred at the door, and Daito-ryu folks were '86'd as soon as they started cramping or whatever the heck they do.

Yeah, I do have a temper. Sorry. What? - yah thought it was kinda hot when I dropped him? Gee, I guess this stuff comes in handy every once in awhile. - - - hey, yah wanna go home now? O.K., that's cool. A couple more dances first. Don't trip over the guy - the bouncers will be dragging him out in a minute.

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