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Re: A Sense of Priorities

As I interpret Ellis, since a big part of Aikido is interpretation, why then train?

I think, at least me, started off full steam ahead when we first started, with great big hungry eyes for Aikido and all the mystery and magic was romance happening under a starry sky, it was addicting once embrace that dance.

Years wear and time put in is logged like a that of a veteran commercial Jet Pilot. The eyes less hungry, the crows feet stamped a little deep the mystery and magic is replaced with experience and knowledge. The romance fades and a relationship takes place.

Then the marks of time wears upon our face, the hair is less and the bell more mirrors the relationship where routine grinds down each clog of practice, stripping what is left of the mystery and magic, momentum. The eyes have seen enough, they are more then full. It is a habitual ritual routine.

Then the one last dance begains with the sway of two souls hand in hand, greyed with age, to the soft music and dim lights of the dance floor, Aikido begains again.
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