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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

William Hazen wrote: View Post

Where have I read this stuff before???

Aikido sucks ad infinitum...

Aikido sucks because it's not "realistic"

Aikido sucks because there's no fighting...

Aikido sucks because there's no internal power...

Perhaps I started this ball rolling by giving props to some IMA folks out of respect but let me make this perfectly clear...

In one of my favorite movies Doc Holliday once said to Johnny Ringo..." I am your huckleberry."

Folks know where to find me too and a few have visited with knowledge of this stuff (and no in the spirit of others here if they wish to identify themselves they can )

All I can say is anyone's Aikido will improve with knowledge and training in this skill set but to dismiss Aikido entirely because one cannot kick someone else's a** with it or without it is ridiculous. I KNOW our Aikido's technical curriculum holds up against almost any Martial Art.

I do plan on visiting some folks to be sure so let's try to blend together a bit better shall we when we do meet... I don't want to hurt anyone. and I am too old to be hurt too. LOL.

Back to the subject of thread as Joko Beck Roshi once put it to me" Do not be in such a hurry.... The lessons of a lifetime take a lifetime to learn. Learn appreciate each day instead."

Mastery is a JOURNEY not a DESTINATION. One can always improve and polish what they know into something new and become "better"...

William Hazen
Interesting interpretation of what I said.
If you can do express internapower and internal skills, you would find not trouble with the idea of discussing "internal skills" as a martially viable set of skills without waza. Moreover that were a person to have them in a significant and measurable way...then another just using aikido waza, done without these skills doesn't stand a chance.
Your "feelings" about it wouldn't enter into it or be relevant to the discussion either way. And no where was "kicking someone's butt" a talking point. Why would anyone want to do that? Neutralizing and stopping them cold was. That is a physical debate not a fight. We do it all the time without anger or prejudice.

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