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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

Thanks Jim
That's the type of clarification I was looking for. As I stated it "appeared" -when I go back and read a composite of your views, and consider both what you say and more importantly what you do not say whenever these skills are brought up. It made me curious to read what you think if I asked for a more clear and concise statement.

Dan, please correct me if am wrong, but you yourself seem to distinguish between "these skills" and the ability to use them in a dynamic environment. That's what I believe you mean by "stand-alone power in use" --- if not, please explain.
I separate internal power, from internal skills, from fighting ability using the above. Then in levels of stress and experience. The point I was making is that internal power and skills in and of themselves are so substantial that I use them to stop grapplers without resorting to fighting back. So aikido-which I consider to be far less stressful environment in a martial sense-would be no problem. I mentioned it as it "appeared" you were being overly focused on "Aikido technique" and technical expression. Why did I bring it up? Because you yourself never seem to mention or discuss internal skills as a stand alone potent skillset like so many others who are training this way themselves tend to do. It left me curious as to whether maybe Ark or Mike didn't demonstrate what these skills are capable of in some of their classes or they did and you were unconvinced. I know that both are very capable so again that curious questions of how you relate your abilities to deliver with waza to their ability with internal power and skills.

By the way, you should also know that I have nothing but disdain for aikido "politics" --- for example, I have hosted many people at my dojo who are not in my own teachers' tradition/approach --- so please don't try to pin that label on me, thanks.
Yes, Good on you. It will be interesting to hear where you go with your training after having so many different people in. In others words with correct training in five to seven years, you should become one of the most substantial martial artists in the aikido world, and none of the teachers you are hosting should then be able to do much with or to you without a great deal of trouble.
Good luck in your training
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