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Re: How Long and In What Manner to Great Mastery?

That's fine, Mike.
But I wasn't even getting close to talking about kicking someones butt. Thats a whole different topic, that doesn't even belong here with the people involved. Jim's a great guy. I'm narrowing the topic down to talking about how he seems to marginalize internal power and its inherent skill sets in use. Thus, I'm talking about training and how sees things- not fighting, in the same way we talk about and train to use these skills in grappling, when we go at pell mell, we don't look at it as getting in a fight either.
In some ways what I am sayng is worse. Aikido is milder. I was making a case for skills sets- internal skills sets,and aikido skills sets; inherent power in what the body alone can do with internal-skills in use, V aikido skills and waza in use. And stating they could nuetrailize his aikido skills *without* using waza. It's not a challenge to a fight or any other such nonsense. I am curious as to why he opts to never discuss that and only stress the other end-trained waza, or waza to support this training, and that "this" training is *push* tests. It reads like someone learning ikkyo and thinking aikido is only ikkyo and believing it.

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